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Aren’t you tired of hating your body, tired of counting calories, tired of making your scale decide whether you get to feel good today or (more likely) not? Aren’t you tired of feeling guilty for eating what you like, tired of exercising obsessively to get rid of that guilt? Tired of the negative self-talk-chatter in your head? Aren’t we all? So. Welcome home. Let’s start this journey toward body positivity, a better body image, acceptance of diversity and a more balanced approach to health; goodbye to body negativity, fat-phobia, disordered eating and a compulsive relationship to exercise. Confidence is an inside job and it’s high time we bust the myth that weight should dictate our worth. Let’s start this journey to loving our bodies from a Health At Every Size perspective and let’s nourish our body, mind and soul without going crazy.
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Apr 19, 2017

In today’s episode, we all have a chance to meet Robyn L. Goldberg from Los Angeles. Robyn is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Eating Disorder Specialist. Over the last nineteen years, Robyn has developed her own private practice in Beverly Hills, where she specializes in disordered eating, eating disorders, HAES (Health at Every Size), medical conditions, preventative nutrition and pregnancy nutrition. Robyn serves as a Nutrition Consultant for the Celiac Disease Foundation and she currently is the eating disorder specialist at "The Control Center" and has several body image/eating disorder groups at "Sober Livings" in Los Angeles. Robyn also teaches the nutrition classes for the Motion Picture Wellness Program. She is a contributing author that has been quoted in countless publications, and she has made appearances on national TV shows as a nationally known speaker in the eating disorder community promoting positive body image, weight stigma and size diversity.
In this talk, Robyn shares with us:
– Why she felt awkward and self-conscious as a kid
– How she felt around her mother
– What’s wrong with the sizing of clothes
– Why BMI is simply a statistical average and definitely not made for individual determination of health
– Why the medical model fails so many patients when BMI is used as an indicator for health
– What kind of questions doctors should be asking instead
– How she addressed this issue with doctors
– How money plays into the fact that patients are not getting properly examined
– Why doctors are often so heavily biased against weight-acceptance
– How people with higher weight can be anorexic and not get help
– How much treatment and therapy would be ideal for a stable recovery
– Why recovery can only happen at your own pace
– The problem with weight-bias in the medical profession
– Where she sees slow shifts in the medical field away from focusing too much on weight
– What she addresses in her presentations
– Why overexercising can be a form of an eating disorder in and of itself
– How recovery from dieting and from a full-blown eating disorder can be like riding waves
– How do deal with, for example, exercise-relapses, where an individual gets tempted to engage in compulsive exercise routines (so-called "challenges") again
– How to deal with relapses related to eating
– Why carbs are necessary for our bodies and why we need to de-villainize them once and for all
– How stress is the worst we can do for our health; and that includes stressing over food and exercise
– Why we should all watch the short Youtube-video called "Poodle Science" (find link below)
– Why we should all honor our uniqueness and our individual bodies...

... And so much more!

Check out Robyn’s work on her website:

Here’s the link to the awesome "Poodle Science", made by the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH):

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